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Creating a frictionless experience that works for all

The digital world evolves everyday, and companies are expected to offer seamless, accessible experiences. In 2021, with mobile traffic on the rise, the need to update was more important than ever. I served as project lead for the redesign, overseeing the visual design, layout, and supplying new and existing content.

Redesign results


Faster load times


Increase in leads


More SEO traffic


Decrease in update time

Deliverables achieved

Mobile optimized

Fast load times, responsive design and an intuitive menu structure

Integrated blog

Content marketing strategy is now anchored by this central hub

ADA compliant

Meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA

Custom rates system

A centralized database saves time and reduces the risk of errors

No coding required

Interchangeable components make updating content simple

Consistent branding

Reinforces brand pillars and adheres to a unified visual presence

Project timeline

"Local Authenticity" is a Webster First brand pillar. That meant I knew we needed to work with a local agency who could help us infuse an authentic New England tone (without coming across as a caricature by someone who recently rented The Departed.) After an extensive and thorough search, award-winning Boston web design company Yelling Mule won the contract.

Project kickoff

Spring 2021

Through strategy sessions with Yelling Mule, I  identified pain points for our existing website, needs and wants for the new site, and brand guidelines and tonality that should be infused throughout the new site. 

I created a master sitemap and worked with Yelling Mule to establish webpage hierarchal structure.

Wireframing & design

Summer 2021

I supplied feedback and direction to the Yelling Mule design team on several rounds of wireframing and design.


Early fall 2021

With the design set, I turned things over to Yelling Mule's team of expert coders.

Final testing

Fall 2021

After coding was complete, I performed several rounds of testing to ensure that everything was working properly and the site was ready to go.

Awareness campaign

With the website ready to launch, I developed, designed, and launched a three-phase, multi-channel advertising campaign with consumer touches across email, social media, interstitial banners, and our existing website.

Bonus redesigns

As part of the redesign project, I worked with Yelling Mule to simultaneously redesign the websites of two Webster First subsidiaries: WebFirst Insurance, LLC and First Mortgage Servicing, LLC. This ensured a frictionless experience and consistent branding across all three sites.

WebFirst Insurance, LLC



First Mortgage Servicing, LLC

First Mortgage before and after.png



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